Is Capitalism Inherently Racist?

April 25, 2012
by: Takia Hollowell (Originally posted at

“But more importantly, racism is a key mechanism for the stabilization of capitalism and the legitimization of inequality.”

 -Michael Reich, Professor of Political Economy at U.C. Berkeley

Is capitalism inherently racist?  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for most of your life, there have been many references to America being a white capitalist system. People like Michael Reich have built the case that it is indeed.  In his 1974 article entitled, The Economics of Racism he insisted that blacks are systematically subjugated in capitalist societies.  How silly.  The article goes on to list half truths and selective statistics to support his supposition by the way.

Behind almost every argument against capitalism and its alleged ties to racism is a Marxist.  Lo and behold on the front of Reich’s article is this statement, “Reich believes this analysis to be based on ideas from Marx….” These Marxists are busy at painting capitalism as racist as they write many books and articles on this subject:

Socialists are the common denominator in all of these articles.  If this isn’t enough to convince to you, I’d challenge any disbeliever to cruise the Progressive Labor Party’s website ( where they openly claim to be Communists.  They also openly claim that, “Capitalism uses racism to super-exploit black, Latino, Asian and indigenous workers, and to divide the entire working class.”











If Marxists can convince a particular race that an economical system is implicitly against their best interests; would it not create a natural hostility towards free markets and an acceptance of big government policies?

The answer is an astounding yes!

J. Edgar Hoover summed it up best in 1960:

“Communists seek to advance the cause of communism by injecting themselves into racial situations and exploiting them (1) to intensify the frictions between the Negro and whites to ‘prove’ that discrimination against minorities is an inherent defect of the capitalist system, (2) to foster domestic disunity by dividing Negroes and whites into antagonistic warring factions, (3) to undermine and destroy established authority, (4) to incite Negro hostility toward law and order, (5) to encourage and foment racial strife and riotous activity and, (6) to portray the Communist movement as the ‘champion’ of social protest and the only force capable of ameliorating the conditions of the Negro and the oppressed.”

Hoover hit the nail right on the head.  Where do you think the Black Panther Party came from?  Go to  They will tell you:

“From the tenets of Maoism they set the role of their Party as the vanguard of the revolution and worked to establish a united front, while from MARXISM they addressed the capitalist economic system, embraced the theory of dialectical materialism, and represented the need for all workers to forcefully take over the means of production.”









(Note:  Notice the above picture. The Party for Socialism and Liberation is using the tragic Trayvon Martin situation to exploit racism against capitalism. Hoovers’ words ring truer than ever today!)

It is no wonder why some in the black community (and other races as well) have unfortunately been indoctrinated to have a disdain towards capitalism and become docile to an intrusive/bigger government.  This incoherent ideology has been passed on from generation to generation (especially after the 1960’s).  It still lives on today in talking points about “the rich getting richer” and how government must step in to ensure economic justice and/or level the playing field.



The solution to this nonsense is to educate those around you on what capitalism really is.  Many of these well-intentioned individuals simply do not understand that capitalism is an economic system whereby the means of production are owned by you and I (i.e. the people).  In this system, anyone of any race can flourish and succeed if they work hard enough. We have black millionaires and businessmen as proof of this.  If capitalism was inherently racist America would not be inundated with people of all ethnicities on a huge immigration waiting list.  They come for the freedom and opportunity to prosper as they are running away from their native socialist countries.  As the black race has already been targeted, Latinos are the next target for racial talking points and leftist indoctrination.  If you don’t do your part to educate those around you, this type of incoherent thinking will continue to spread and come back to haunt you at the voting booth.  The end game for a Marxist is to end capitalism; and as you can see, racism has been one of their biggest weapons in this battle.



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