Know When it’s time to Leave the Party

November 3, 2011

by D Robert Dunn

The troubles facing Herman Cain—recently revealed allegations of sexual harassment—have echoes of the confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas as he tried to ascend to the nation’s highest court.  But there are several differences.  We do not know the names of the accusers as we did with Anita Hill.  We do not have faces or testimony given in an open hearing to inflame listeners and viewers.  And unlike the case with Mr Thomas, where he gave flat and uncategorical denials, we have Mr Cain playing a game of dodge-ball while saying “maybe you hit me”.

The inconsistencies in his position have damaged him and called any credibility he may have had into question.  So why is he still in the race?  The longer he stays, the more damage he does to himself and to the Republican party.  It’s extremely unlikely that he will be able to do enough damage control to cover his denials, the payouts, the increased number of accusers (are there more?), and battle of the sound bites.  Practically speaking, his ship is sunk, his goose is cooked.

Darling of the conservative movement or not, Herman Cain needs to recognize the point about knowing when to leave the party.  Guests who stay too long become a regret for everyone.

Whether the information about the settlements was leaked by Romney, Perry, or Mickey Mouse is unimportant.  Claiming it was leaked, whether for political gain or not, does not mitigate the story.  Whether the leak was racially motivated means nothing.  What it comes down to is that we all make mistakes.  The judge of our character comes not from the mistakes we may have made but rather how we handle them.  Herman Cain has become his own worst enemy in handling this matter poorly.  He could not have entered the race without having realized that this would eventually come out.  Not having a position and a consistent story from day one is inexcusable.  WE DESERVE BETTER!



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